Flourless (sprouted grain) Bread

We’ve been eating sprouted bread for almost five years now and have seen the price increase from 2.99 to 4.99 and with our family also doubling in size it started to take a pretty chunk from our grocery budget. I had looked into making sprouted bread for a while, but it seemed too complicated, or required equipment I  didn’t have until I came across these instructions. It’s a three day process but it’s worth it since we’re now paying a little over a dollar per loaf for the ingredients, awesome!

Ingredients are 3 cups of hard red wheat berries, salt, yeast, and honey, that’s it!

Here’s the sprouted berries in the food processor

Sprouted wheat and spelt berries After being ground up:

In the processor The dough rising:

Dough rising

and the yummy final product:

Sprouted Bread

Much Relaxin’

Since we always post just the kiddos, I thought I’d put up a few pics of us that actually turned out decent. Yes, shot with the old extended arm trick. Those are always the best for some reason.

It was on our trip down to Florida – SolidWorks World 2009 Conference – the first two are at the Swan and Dolphin Resort where we stayed and the last one is Epcot center.

Josh and Maggie Relaxin'

Dolphin Hotel in the background and us chillin at the beach on the Swan side. We were the only people out there for the most part. Nobody got sand in their eyes.


This might be after one or two frozen daiquiris and a bowl of melon. It’s over by the pool where Sebastian got his first go at trying to taste kiddie pool water.

Epcot Future Water

Epcot at the future side where those water jumpin’ things are. Sebastian was more interested in the people playing around. Isabella was getting a kick out of everything.

Menu Plan Monday


I’ve been trying to stay consistent in planning meals for the weeks since Isabella was born. It’s not an easy thing for me for some reason, but without it I end up spending more time at the grocery store than my two year old would like to.   So here’s my  first time posting, and if you would like some serious meal planning inspiration check out  orgjunkie.com.

There’s one new recipe we’re going to try for the week, the flax seed cracker pizza, we’ll see how it goes 🙂

Monday: Chicken stir fry with brown rice.
Tuesday: Bunless burgers with sweet potato oven fries, and green beans
Wednesday: Flax seed cracker pizza, salad
Thursday: Ground beef and bean burritos or just on salad.
Friday: Beef roast with onions and carrots, quinoa pilaf
Saturday: Left overs